Service and Support
For Public Schools

Victory Education Partners
is a mission-driven organization
helping to create great public schools
for America's children.

Our goal is to help
public education succeed
for the benefit of students, teachers,
parents, and their communities.


Victory Education Partners is one of the
nation's most successful education service providers.
Since beginning in 1999 we:

Helped jump-start the charter school movement in New York State.

Formed breakthrough partnerships with teacher unions that
improved student achievement in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Created and managed one of Chicago's highest performing charter school
networks, including its top performing charter school three years in a row.

Received recognition and awards from numerous federal, state
and local entities for our work on behalf of public schools.



"Everytime a child learns, it is a victory—a victory over ignorance,
a victory over poverty, and a victory for opening a world of knowledge.
This is the goal of Victory [Education Partners], a private education
management and consulting company that aims to provide high-quality,
personalized service to public schools and school districts."

US Department of Education

Selected to receive the Principal Achievement Award
by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Since 2008, students at schools supported by Victory
have outscored their local counterparts, in a grade level by grade level comparison,
93% of the time in Math and 87% of the time in ELA.

Schools supported by Victory have been awarded clean audits
100% of the time since Victory's founding in 1999.