Victory offers the following Academic Support services:

  • Victory Education Partners’ principal coaching provides opportunities for growth and development to first year principals as well as a lifelong educators. The coaching includes: assistance with school-based professional development plans for teachers who are struggling; exploration of strategies to address your school’s specific needs; assistance in implementation of strategic plans and feedback to the board; and support preparing for a visit by your authorizer.
  • Victory provides a model designed to guide data analysis conversations on a quarterly and annual basis. The program was created to simplify the complexities of data analysis, identify research-based intervention steps, and set quarterly benchmark targets to measure performance growth throughout the school year.
  • We provide assistance with the preparation of the Consolidated Application for the No Child Left Behind Title Programs. This service includes the preparation of FS-10 budgets, budget narratives and all of the required assurances, forms, reports, special letters, and attachments. All qualifying schools will receive additional support services throughout the year. These support services include an overview on Title I to all staff members, monthly support to the principal and Title I staff, and on-site assistance for state and city audits.

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